Turner Syndrome Global Alliance, Inc. is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization incorporated in 2014 by parents of girls with Turner syndrome who want more information and better access to resources for their daughters.  While grateful for the medical and social interventions we have been able to access, we see the importance for a full understanding of TS at a genetic level and how that affects the health and lives of our girls.  As girls transition toward adult care, we recognize that there are very few quality resources available to the adult population.  We also acknowledge the urgent need for knowledge and resources concerning the impact of TS to the cognitive and social development of girls and women with Turner syndrome. We are determined to change this and create a future with more knowledge that will lead to supports and resources to improve health and quality of life.

Your donation will be used to support TSGA’s mission of connecting connect science, resources, and funding to the Turner Syndrome.

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